Structural Engineering

Specific structural design of commercial, residential and industrial buildings has been a core field for Thurlow Consulting Engineering since the company’s inception. We have a team of experienced structural engineers who understand the importance of an efficient and economic design.

Our team have undertaken a range of structural designs from high-end geotechnically challenged cliff top houses, to public bridges, pre-stressed, post-tensioned design, tilt up design and structures of multiple stories. The experience gained over the years on a multitude of projects allows our clients to benefit from this broad experience.

We consider that an excellent result for the client requires good communication and a team approach. We pride ourselves on understanding the client’s and architect’s requirements for any structural brief. We consider that one of the key advantages in using the Thurlow team is that we investigate thoroughly what the client’s needs are and the timeframes that need to be met so that we can seamlessly deliver the key structural components to any project.

An important part of structural engineering process is ensuring that the implementation of design on site is safe and efficient. This means that our structural engineers are on site involving ourselves at the sharp end of the construction process. We pride ourselves on offering good backup to the builders both by telephone and data transfer to the office and also by our presence on site.

Our experience with the damaging Canterbury Earthquake Sequence has allowed our structural engineers real life experience in the performance of all types of structures and materials under vigorous seismic shaking. A specific advantage, especially when retrofitting buildings as necessary, to bring them up to required minimum strengths when territorial authorities invoke active earthquake policies.

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround for all projects providing our calculations and details to the architects and designers so that they may integrate details into the work as quickly as possible without rework.