Research & Forensic Reports

Over several years since the inception of Thurlow Consultants Engineers we have been asked many times to undertake research reports. These reports are always of a scientific nature where our technical abilities can be showcased.

Of upmost importance with all research projects is that they be undertaken following scientific methodology. By this we mean that we receive a brief, test a hypothesis, then follow this through by our determination of a methodology for experimentation, or testing. Following the testing we undertake and conclude an analysis of the results which allows us to reach a conclusion, with recommendations.

Our research projects to date have always been a result of a request to determine the reasons for an event or failure that has already occurred. We have been confronted with some vastly ranging research topics, all of which have had serious ramifications to the client who has then initiated a referral to the Thurlow team.

Some of the research projects we have investigated have included the following:

  • Why did the roof to a new large executive style dwelling blow off in one section of 120m² in a less then extreme wind event when previous forensic investigations had failed to determine cause of failure?
  • Why golf balls were smashing the windows adjacent to a golf driving range when the management of the golf driving range considered that it was physically impossible to hit a golf ball at the dwelling with the existing high fencing in place?
  • To determine why an imported suspended ceiling system was failing at less than its manufacturer’s specifications in the New Zealand environment when testing overseas showed that this should not have occurred.
  • To provide rebuttal report evidence to the Environment Court, which proved beyond reasonable doubt that hydrological modelling, which determined that streams met the threshold of esplanade reserves, was flawed.

These research and forensic report tasks are well suited to the Thurlow Consulting Engineers team of practical locally trained and experienced engineers who have an excellent track record and practical understanding of real life situations.