Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Design and Construction has been a core of Thurlow Consulting Engineers’ practice beginning in 1994. During this period, the civil engineering team has undertaken a multitude of civil engineering briefs. These have ranged from 2 lot subdivisions to 225 lot subdivisions including earthworks, water, wastewater, stormwater pipes and ponds, and roading.

These projects involved Thurlow team from inception right through to completion. As a firm of professional engineers, we understand the importance of research to governing parameters of the site including geotechnical, landscaping and traffic impacts. We therefore are happy to involve ourselves in teams in this process and have an excellent relationship with many specialist sub-consultants that can be brought onto the complex developments to assist.

Our design team utilises modern software packages which allows quick and efficient design and rationalisation of design to ensure the best product for our client. We are a small, but well experienced team, that punches above our weight, we can offer our clients excellent design results.

We prepare bills of quantities and tender documents to assist our clients in obtaining the best construction contract for the project. We also act as engineer to the contract and manage the contract to its conclusion, ensuring that the project finishes both on time and on budget, meeting the various requirements of resource consents, engineering and building consents to ensure the project finishes with the release of titles as quickly as possible after the completion of construction activities.

Our civil works is complemented by an in depth understanding and experience of design of:

  • Earthworks
  • All municipal engineering
  • Wastewater reticulation, including pump stations, treatment both on and offsite
  • Stormwater reticulation including ponds, detention, retention and treatment
  • Water reticulation including boosting pump stations
  • Road and paving designs
  • Building slab preparation
  • Stability improvement and retaining