Surveying & Land Development

Surveying and land development go hand-in-hand as they incorporate a suite of our skills and services that assist clients to unlock the financial benefits of developing their properties.

The starting point for a lot of projects is a comprehensive and accurate site plan depicting significant features and levels in terms of the boundaries and the height above sea level. This is called a topographical survey. Such a survey will form the basis of subsequent building and subdivision design work either by the Thurlow Consulting team or your architect.

Once your concept development is complete, whether it be an extension to your house, subdividing off the backyard, an inner city housing re-development, or a multi lot subdivision, the next stage is to apply for resource consent.

The Thurlow Consulting team will put together the right reports, drawings, and documents that form the basis of a comprehensive Assessment of Environmental Effects in accordance with the council standards, and to help you navigate through the council resource consent process. For some projects this includes acting as your expert witness at a public hearing.

Once the resource consent is achieved it is time to complete the detailed designs, apply for construction consents, and organise a contractor. For larger projects this may include preparing tender documents, recommending a contractor, regular inspections and certifications of work, and general project management.

Along the way, we will have utilised our surveying skills using modern robotic and satellite navigation technologies to undertake various types of surveys, such as:

  • Boundary mark-out
  • Legal / cadastral
  • Building set-out
  • Levelling
  • Monitoring
  • As-builts
  • BOMA
  • Unit Title
  • Scanning
  • BIM

Our point of difference is our ability to cover the majority of tasks associated with a project under one roof in a highly efficient manner, undertaken by senior personnel.

Land development, inner city re-development and subdivision are not for the fainthearted, however Thurlow Consulting are experts in these fields with considerable experience, a big advantage in choosing our team. For over 20 years we have been making a positive contribution to the timely and successful completion thousands of projects.