Project Management & Supervision

We appreciate that a number of our clients require assistance to complete projects in the land development and subdivision process. In particular the process of applying for, and gaining consents, both resource and building can be daunting for the uninitiated. The Thurlow team range in experience from structural engineering and civil engineering, right through to resource consent applications and land titling. We are therefore well-placed to assist in a seamless project management from the inception of a project right through to completion.

Good project management requires a good team and great communication with our motto being “No surprises”. There is no point for the project management taking an aloof or remote standing in the process isolating both the client and the contractor. It is important that the contractor understands what the client’s aims are and also that the client understands their responsibilities. We do not run projects in an adversarial manner, but in an encouraging manner. We ensure both the client and the contractor are comfortable in dealing directly with each other, proving full transparency in everything that we do. Timekeeping and targets are extremely important in any project. We utilise modern project management software when appropriate to ensure that critical path planning is undertaken and critical path deadlines are met.

We have project managed many resource consent, civil and structural projects, from small subdivisions right through to major multi-lot subdivisions and large-scale civil and structural developments.

All of these projects involved detailed planning and excellent communication, all run in a safe and environmentally appropriate manner.