Planning for Future Growth In Warkworth

Planning for Future Growth In Warkworth

Council have begun to look at how best to develop the land around Warkworth.  Approximately 1000 hectares around the edges of the town is zoned Future Urban under the Auckland Unitary Plan.

A Structure Plan will be prepared to guide future development and urbanisation of this land.  It will show the future land use pattern, such as residential, business, industrial and open space areas, and infrastructure layout.  Once the Structure Plan has been finalised, areas around Warkworth will be rezoned so that development can occur.  The Structure Plan process is in its preliminary stages and Council are currently seeking public feedback to help in the creation of the Plan.

Warkworth’s Aerial Base Map

Thurlows have extensive experience of working in the Rodney area so if you would like any assistance in providing feedback or information to Council regarding Warkworth’s future, or would just like to chat about development opportunities in general, please get in touch.


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