I’m planning on building/altering my house, do I need an Engineer?

If your building site is steep, has a history of filling, instability and may be subject to flooding, or overland flow, you will need the specific input of Thurlow Engineers.
Most alterations and nearly all new houses need an Engineer to calculate large span supports and specific bracing. Contact our Engineers to determine your needs.

What about a Surveyor for a Building Consent?

To determine compliance to town planning rules and to ensure that you can reticulate to sewerage and stormwater a surveyor can assist. Our Surveyors are experts in this field.
The Surveyor input is needed prior to your Building Consent Application.

I want to subdivide my property

To subdivide your property you will need the advice of a Surveyor, the land professional best qualified with the unique range of experience in resource consents, land development, and the only professional able to undertake legal partitioning of your property.
The process is not straightforward and requires professional advice. Speak to one of our Registered Professional Surveyors.

Should I buy that house?

The purchase of your house is the major investment of most peoples’ lives. Our Engineers can undertake a full and independent check of your property and provide an Engineers report as to the structural condition of the house you intend to purchase.
Often illegal and unsafe work has been undertaken which is by its nature not noted in any Lim report.

What is a Lim report?

This is a report your Solicitor will invariably advise you to obtain on the property you seek to purchase. It is prepared by and obtained for Council and shows their records on the property report.
Illegal works are not normally noted, should you suspect any unauthorised works you should contact our Engineers.

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